John Sagasta has been a local entrepreneur and die hard coffee lover for over a decade. Back in the day Sagasta started with a small split shop inside a hair salon off of Indian School; from there he joined forces with Conspire in 2008 which began his coffee selling adventures. As his concept became recognized by locals, artists, and coffee connoisseurs business started to boom. After hiring some new folks and expanding hours the time had come to find a new home, which led to opening Jobot just north of the Lost Leaf. 


Opening up shop in a 1930’s bungalow, set up as duplexes, was definitely a challenge. In the first stages Sagasta started remodeling while renting out the other half of the building to a few local artists. Business continued to pick up and soon a crepe menu was added to appease the hungry peeps appetites. Once the artists had found other studios Jobot expanded and opened the other side of the building for additional seating. New menu items, expanded hours, a full bar, merchandise made by local artists, and so much more went in to building the Jobot you know and love!

Over the years Jobot has become a Central Phoenix favorite with a loyal following of folks from all walks of life. In 2017 the next iteration of this local gem came to be in its’ new home right off 3rd St. & Roosevelt, still right in the heart of the Arts District. Sagasta, true to any serial entrepreneur’s nature, continues to experiment with other small business ventures. Some of his enterprises have included Nachobot (a play on Jobot, of course), Rezbot with Chef Mario, Bodega 420, Beer & Flowers, and Melt (which can still be found on 5th St., just south of Roosevelt). John still rolls up his sleeves and serves drinks when needed and can often be found laughing loud and chatting it up with customers.

Come on down, have a drink, and be part of the Jobot community today!

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